Privacy and comfort from home

The GeyserSteam® steam room heats up to 120° Fahrenheit

Hot Steam Benefits

Improving Skin Health

Exfoliates the skin to get rid of toxins.

Weight Loss

Burn calories and sweat more to lose some weight

Relaxation and Better Sleep

Feel more relaxed and enjoy deeper and longer sleep.

Workout Recovery

It helps get rid of lactic acid that builds up during an intense workout so you can continue training hard.

Arthritis and Joint Pain

It helps losen the joints to move better and with less pain

Congestion, bronchitis and asthma

Using it cleans out the respiratory system. It is really good for allergies and congestion. Make sure to include some essential oils to help even more!

Easy Installation

No need to hire a contractor, electrician, or to ask for city permits. to install it. You just have to drill in a few screws and enjoy.

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Proudly Made in the US

Just fill the water tank with water plug it to any wall socket. We do all the work from our factory in Florida.

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Works Indoors and Outdoors

The cabin is designed with weather proof materials that can withstand the conditions of a steam room inside a home or outdoors and won't grow any mold or bacteria

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