About Us

Welcome to GeyserSteam!

We are so glad you are one step closer to getting your steam room to enjoy and relax at home. We aim to offer you the best experience possible. 

We started in 2021 in Florida. We have been manufacturing products for more than 3 generations with over 70 years of combined experience in manufacturing and engineering.

Our founding team started this business because we are steam room and sauna lovers and we couldn't find a product like the GeyserSteam on the market so we created our own. We have a manufacturing facility in South Florida where we make hot magic happen.

We always used to go to the steam room at our local gym. However, more often than not it was broken and unavailable, and when it was working it was usually dirty and people were shaving and urinating inside. 

Arthitis runs in the family so the hot therapy helps with the joints. It also helps our kid with asthma and allergies.

The only options were either that cheap tent that doesn't work well, it gets full of mold, and does not look good in my house or the to build a custom sauna, but this is much more expensive and requires professional installation with a certified electrictian and a plumber. We didn't want to hire someone to do the water plumbing, drainage, electric, change the breaker, and having to go through all the paperwork. 

We just wanted a high quality sauna that we can enjoy from home.

And between dry sauna (the wooden one) and steam room sauna we always go for the steam room. The humidity feels much better and is more effective than the dry heat. 

So after almost one year of research and developement we came up with GeyserSteam.

We want our customers to enjoy the full benefits of hot steam therapy from home. 

Our philosophy of improving the way we operate and the quality of our products has been fundamental in our growth and establishing ourselves as serious players in the industry. 

We believe you can get the same quality as in a gym or spa but from the comfort of your own home.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at: